Getting Started - Configuring an Android (Google Play) app

  1. Package name
  2. License Key
  3. Service account credentials
  4. Real-time developer notifications

Play Store Settings

Package name

The Package name uniquely identifies your app in the Play Store.

To find your Package name, first navigate and login to the Google Play Developer Publisher Console, then navigate to All applications.

You will find your Package name in the list of applications beneath the app’s name.

License key

The license key is used to verify the purchase signature when a new purchase is made.

Step 1

To find your License key, first navigate and login to the Google Play Developer Publisher Console, then navigate to All applications and select your app.

Click Development tools on the left, then click Services & APIs.

You will find your License key in the Licensing & in-app billing section.

Service account credentials

The service account credentials is a JSON file containing a private key used for authenticating with the Google Play Developer API.

To create a service account, first navigate and login to the Google Play Developer Publisher Console - API access page.

You will need a linked Google Play Android Developer project, if you don’t already have a linked project, click the Create new project button.

Step 1

Next step is to create a service account, click the Create service account button and read the instructions carefully.

It will guide you to navigate to the Google API Console to create your service account there.

Step 2

Don’t click Done until you have created your service account in the Google API Console.

Step 3

Once in the Google API Console click on Create service account.

Step 4

Give the service account a descriptive name, we recommend naming it Mbaasy.

Select Owner from Project role > Project > Owner.

Select Furnish a new private key and ensure JSON is selected, then click Save.

A .json file will automatically download, keep this file safe as it contains your private key.

Once downloaded, return to your Google Play Console tab, now you can click Done.

Step 5

You will now see your new service account in the Service accounts section.

Step 6

Click on the Grant access button and a new page will open. Select Finance from Role and ensure both View app information and View financial data are checked.

Step 7

Click Add user and you’re done.

Real-time developer notifications

Google Play can send real-time developer notifications when subscription entitlements change. Every Google Play App registered with Mbaasy come furnished with a unique Google Cloud Pub/Sub Topic, making the process as simple as copying the Pub/Sub topic from the Mbaasy App Publisher Console > Apps > [App] > Settings > Play Store settings page and pasting it on the Google Play Developer Publisher Console > Apps > [App] > Development tools > Services & APIs page in the Real-time developer notifications section.

Real-time developer notifications

This will ensure Mbaasy stays up-to-date with any changes made to your subscriptions.