Entitlements offer a solution to organizing your app’s product IDs in simple, nested collections of entitlements and offerings.

An entitlement describes the content or feature which your app makes available or ‘unlocks’ during an active subscription or after a one-time or consumable purchase. Give your entitlements a name that describes the content to unlock, for example: premium or pro.

An offering describes the purchase options available to an entitlement, such as the duration. Give your offerings a descriptive name, for example: weekly, monthly or annually.

Product IDs are auto-discovered, either in real-time when a purchase is made, or in the case of Google Play apps, via the Google Play Developer API - Inappproducts endpoint synchronized every 24 hours. On first discovery they are immediately associated to offerings that match to your defined regular expression patterns.

Defining Product ID Regular Expression Patterns

Regular expression patterns are matched at at any position in the product ID, therefor, it is important to define patterns as explicitly as possible to avoid unwanted or unexpected matches. For instance, a pattern of only premium will match any product ID containing the string premium.

Adding the ^ and $ anchors at the beginning and end of the pattern will ensure an exact match, e.g. the pattern ^premium.1month$ will perform an exact match on the product ID premium.1month but will not match the product ID premium.1month.extra. However a pattern of ^premium.1month (note the absence of $ at the end) will match any product ID that begins with premium.1month.

Similarly, a pattern of extra$ will match any product ID with the word extra at the end.


The “Example App” offers two plans: premium and pro. The premium plan have some paid features but the pro plan has everything.

Over the years the app has been in production, there have been a number of product IDs created, in both the App Store and Google Play to account for pricing changes, holiday specials and A/B tests.

Product IDs mostly follow a convention of [plan].[platform].[duration].[version]. e.g. premium.ios.1month.v4. But this convention took some time to figure out so there are some older Product IDs that don’t follow this convention, e.g. premium_monthly and pro_monthly, and premium_yearly and pro_yearly, which relate to the premium and pro - monthly and yearly plans respectively.

In this case the entitlements are organized as follows:

This means that product IDs such as premium.ios.1month.v2 and premium.android.1month.v5 will be associated to premium/monthly and pro.ios.3month.v6 will be associated to pro/3monthly.